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Guiness is my baby we have had 8 wondeful 4 legged years together and intend of having many many more 3 legged ones Leg amutated 16-09-2010

Long time no see

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Hey everyone, thought we had better pop in and say hellooooo….it’s been a while. Well i firstly must apologise for oour long absence on here, Me Guiness and the rest of the family have been busy,busy,busy settling into our new Tripawd life, and after every worry that i had […]

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Day 7 Gordon Ramsey in dog form.

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!Well it is official i have turned my Baby boy into a complete spoilt monster. Spending the 1st few days post amp tempting Guiness with all types of human food, to make sure he was eating enough for the tablets not to effect his tummy, has turned him […]

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5 days post amp and bandages are off ! :-)

Well we had a pretty stress free morning at the vets today, the bandage was taken off and we can now see guines’ op site in all its glory. The biggest task in hand is now stopping my little monster from chewing at his stitches, possibly the collar of shame may need to come out. […]

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4 days post op

  Well today has been a bit of a mixed day for my baby today, this morning he seemed very agitated and uncomfortable as though his stitches were digging in. Every Time he settled he was back on his feet walking round, this wen ton for about 3 hours, the only thing that wold settle […]

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Guiness from day 1

Well there is no better place to start than at the beggining, so here we go. Guiness is my 8yr old lab cross Staffordshire bull terrier, he defines the word fur baby very very well, as i am sure that he has no idea that he is a dog, were I go Guiness goes and […]

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